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16 Firefly/Serenity Icons (Mal and Some Mal/River)

16 Firefly/Serenity Icons (Mal and Some Mal/River)

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lotr- this story
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Number of icons: 16
Artist Note: This batch of icons was made by request by my friend age, which would explain the Mal/River icons. (She needed them for an RP game) No spamming me about the love of Mal/Inara. I gave myself enough grief making them. The song used is "Waterlily" by Karine Polwart.

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05. 06. 07. 08.
09. 10. 11. 12.
13. 14. 15. 16.

-Firefly pictures from here
-Serenity pictures from here
  • taken 9 and 10
  • those are good! xD
  • firefly icons. i think i might die of squee!
    pretty please can you make some with Inara? *cuddles*
    • hehehe! Of course I will! Next batch promise :) Because Mal/Inara is love.
      • i knowwwwww! "well isnt that something......... i know you let her kiss you" i nearly died.... i paused it right in the middle, before he said that she'd let Saffron kiss her, and i thought that he was gonna figure it out and then i squealed coz he was wrong :(

        lol yeah, Mal/Inara is love... so is Simon/Kalee...

        *hugs for Twinz0r*
        • HEHEHEHE! I was SO expecting him to kiss her for real BUT NOOOO! He had to be a smart ass! *kicks Mal even though I love him to pieces!

          Oh yes. Firefly couples are all my OTPs. Simon/Kaylee expecially....OMG! I don't have in icon of them! *GASP* oh well, I'll use my Wash/Zoe one hehe

          • (Anonymous)
            stoopid Mal... just about made me cry... i squee'd so much when Inara kissed him...
            oh noes! maybe you should do a song themed batch using all the couples? maybe i could challenge you? :P let me know if you're up for it and i'll pick you a song <3

            and i love the wash/zoe icon... very cute!
            maybe thats what i should do... enlist you to make me a new Firefly layout for my lj... would you consider it if i ask real nice?
            • yeah, so its early in the morning and i forgot to log in *facepalm*
              • Hehehe! OOoooo! Great challenge idea! I'll hit you up on it once I am done with my last set for Nic. :) It'll be fun.

                Oh and if you ask really nice and give me pics you want me to use, then I think I can be coned into making you a Firefly header :P hehe
                • great, i'll think up a song and wording for the challenge!!!

                  asking nice i can certainly do... but you know how bad i am at pic finding... maybe i can find something.... do you have anyway to put stuff off the dvd's onto your puter? i have no idea how that kind of thing is possible, if it is :P

                  i shall beg nicely and plead most pleadiforusly, oh fair Twin of mine, for i much desire thy skill to embellish my humble journal of scribblings. (pretty please with sugar and cherries and a Firefly boy of your choice on top) <3
                  • YAY!

                    LOL, well just tell me what you want and I can try to find the pics to go with it. Like if you want a Mal/Inara header or something because I can never resist a sundue with a Simon on top ;)
                    • :) Inara definately. i think i'd like her to be the focus. Mal/Inara is good too... maybe that shot from the first ep of him touching her arm/shoulder when he wwas telling her to hide in the shuttle from the reavers... Inara in pretty dresses is good :)

                      i dont know much about doing layous, but anything you can do would be love <3

                      *whips you up a Simon Sundae*
                      with extra chocolate body paint sauce and whipped cream just for you!
                      • OOoooo!! *eats sundae*


                        Anyways, you care what size or colors or text or anything?
                        • :D
                          ummm... well not humungously, i trust your eye for design :P

                          i've got a mass of pretty screencaps for you, which i shall zip and send your way. most of them are Inara or Inara/Mal, but i wont delete much in case you want them for personal use :P
  • Aww, you're sooo good! You should do some Kaylee icons >.>
    • "If I were unwed, I'd take you in a manly fashion."
      "Because I'm pretty?"
      "Because you're pretty."

      LOL. Sorry, your icon is one of my favorite parts in the WHOLE series. GUH! *loves on Wash and cries because *sigh* you know....*

      Anyways, of course, I'll make was Kay ones :) *hugs*
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