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Mirkwoodforest Graphics

10 Firefly/Serenity Icons- (Mainly Mal/River)

10 Firefly/Serenity Icons- (Mainly Mal/River)

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lotr- this story
Fandom: Firefly/Serenity
Number of icons: 10
Artist Note: This batch of icons was made by request by my friend age, which would explain the Mal/River icons. (She needed them for an RP game) No spamming me about the love of Mal/Inara. I gave myself enough grief making them. The song used is "Heaven's A Lie" by Lacuna Coil.

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01. 02. 03. 04.
05. 06. 07. 08.
09. 10.

-Firefly pictures from here
-Serenity pictures from here
  • those are good!
  • Oh my gosh, I took a few and totally forgot to comment. I love that song btw, and I took 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 10, for obvious reasons :) And do I credit mirkwoodforest? Anyway, gorgeous icons, thanks for sharing! (And thanks to the person who made the request ^.^)
    • Hehehe! I am so glad you like them. Nic will be happy she made your day by requesting the icon set. Hehehe. As I am for making them :)

      Oh and you can credit either mirkwoodforest or forestgraphics. Either one, I don't care. And thanks so much for crediting. It is love.

      *HUGS and love*
      • It's 2am, I'm in the dark (typing in the dark.. good thing I already wear glasses, or else I'd worry), should be sleeping (work AND school tomorrow) but I couldn't resist my laptop's call, and I don't know, something about your reply made me think ^.^ *squeeness!* so I checked your LJ (LOL Your humor reminds me of mine), your profile and your usericons (I am so borrowing some, and crediting of course!) :D You make marvelous icons! I credited mirkwoodforest :) and you are very welcome, thank you for giving me my 2am squeeness, oh and your Ewan McGregor obsession? Totally understand! Ever seen him naked in a movie? :D I did LOL And I mean, fully naked, just as his mama brought him :) Anyway, yeah, toodles, see you around funny squee person!
        • *looks around*

          Me? *points at self* I caused 2am squeeness!?

          YES! *checks that off "Things to Do before I get killed by Ewan McGregor's bodyguards" List.

          LOL! Nah, in all seriousness, I am highly flattered and giggly that I found a twin! Hehehe! *does the little jing Nathan is doing in your icon* Wow. That is fun.....

          Ok, SO random at the moment...sorry about that. Seems to happen when I am excited and happy. :)

          ARE YOU KIDDING!? I have the nekkid part of Velvet Goldmine downloaded to my laptop! ;) Nekkid Ewan on command. GOT TO LOVE IT!

          *sigh* I hope I haven't scared u too badly and thanks again for your lovely comment on me and my graphics. Does an ego good. ;)

          *hugs and lots of love*

          • *is awake, again, when she shouldn't be* ^.^ No probs, remember, we're possible twins, so nothing you could say could possibly freak me out! And I wasn't talking about Velvet Goldmine deary (TOTAL HOT MOVIE), I was talking about "Young Adam", I saw it on the IFC (Independent Film Channel) and they show him naked, front and back, fully, front and back, as in, you could see his ding dong LOL Oh gosh, I am so never living that word down. ^.^ YaY! Ego boost! We need more of those! *goes back to do homework... -_- college, EVIL* Thanks for the addy! :) (And don't worry, soon you'll see, I'm just as crazy, except, my obsession is Nathan LOL but Ewan's hot too)
            • See? Now your icon is going to make me do that dance TOO!

              *does dance*

              Hehehe. That was fun.

              Oh and Nathan obsession? Well, you can have Nathan if I can have Sean.

              Yummy Simon......

              GASP! I don't have any SIMON ICONS! I am going to the special hell.

              *giggles* Ding dong....heehehehee....ding dong.....

              College is overrated....trust me...

              *hides homework and turns on Firefly*
              • lol yeah! do the dance! *dances, trips on mess, rolls eyes, hasn't cleaned room in MONTHS* Oh definitely, I'll gift wrap him for you, if you gift wrap Nathan for me :D O.o I only have one Simon icon, and a whole bunch of Mal and River Icons LOL that should give you a hint :D yeah, the ding dong I find funny cause I remember hearing something about him always being proud to show off his DING DONG in movies *falls* must be proud indeed!

                Ah no worries, it's all part of my master plan, I stay up late, tell my mom I'm doing homework, she thinks I'm very responsible and deserving of good things, when in reality, I'm doing firefly videos and hanging around on LJ. I am doing homework, occasionally, but right now? On pause :D I am wise lol

                *points at Icon* :) one of the ones I borrowed!
                • Hehehe. YAY! Sean gifty! *licks him*

                  LOL! That's so Ewan... I can see him saying that. Poor him that Obi-Wan was such a priss. :P

                  DUDE! You picked up my plan! We really are twins! This is getting scary.....

                  *GRIN* Borrow as many as you like! I live to service!
                  • Why do you think I added you, silly!? I read your entry about your trip to the concert where you touched the guy (I totally forgot his name, but my memory is SHIT) and yeah, reminded me of my obsession with Nathan (and an entry I made today, that just by seeing him, 3 seconds, on the screen, turned me into a complete and utter MORON) I liked Ewan, but I have loved him more in "Down with Love", "Moulin Rouge" broke my heart, "Velvet Goldmine" had too many moments of eye candy and there's more I can't remember, cause like I said, my memory? BAD BAD BAD!

                    :D Yay! Simon Icons! I only have this one of Simon, which is how I feel, every day lol!
                    • Hehe. His name is Josh Groban and I want to have that man's babies, so yes I understand the three second OMGTHEREHEISWHYCANTIBLEEDINTOTHETV thing. :)

                      Oh and "Moulin Rouge" is what made me fall in love with Ewan. After that? History. "Down with Love"? The chocolate bar scene. Gets me everytime.

                      "The Island" was cute. "Black Hawk Down" was cuter. "Big Fish" was cutest. But, I am sure you can name half a dozen things Nathan has been in ;)

                      *licks icon!* I love that quote. It fits so many things :P
                      • LOL Yeah, you want to marry Josh Groban, I want to marry Nathan Fillion, and one day, damn it, I will get my wish! I have to admit, I first noticed Ewan in Star Wars: Episode 1. In Moulin Rouge, yes, my jaw dropped. Hmm, what can I mention from Nathan Fillion without going to IMDB? Firefly, Serenity, Blast from the Past, "Two guys, a girl and a pizza place" (I've only seen a few episode clips online though), I NEED TO SEE WHITE NOISE 2 DANG IT, Buffy (though there, I admit, he freaked me out, but looked cute doing it LOL), that episode from the Outer Limits which I only saw on youtube, and a piece of it, mainly cause he's NAKED and HOT *cough* and of course, my all time favorite me (Serenity is having a constant battle for this one, it's almost a tie) Slither. :D Oh yeah, I love that man, we love our men, and we should be compensated, and what better reward for our love than the men we love? *dies of squeegasm* Now back to pretending I'm studying (I have a test tomorrow, have studied nothing, GAH!)
  • Random questionness... That last one 10... any way I could get it without hte words? I think its uits the dark river/mal ... without the betrayal bit :)

    beautifulness *loves on you*
  • I totally love these Icons I was wondering if it would be possible to get icon 5 & 6 without txt. On 6 just with the flower. If you could you would be my new hero as I've been trying to find mal/riv icons that i like for eons.
    • I wish I could be your hero, honey, but my laptop crashed a month ago and I lost everything. I am borrowing my sister's laptop at the moment to even to answer email and school stuff. I can't tell you the complaint you paid me for asking though and it makes my heart happy that you love my icons :)

      Perhaps when I get my laptop back I can modify the icons for you so they don't have text. :)
      • I'm sorry to hear about your laptop, that totally stinks :(

        Should you find the time and be able to do that with the icons in the future that would be great. If not I totally understand.

        As for the compliment, I give credit where credit is due and to those who can do things so well when I clearly can not. ;)

        Also thank you for getting back to me
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